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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Who is developing this community?

Timber Springs selected a leading-edge developer, Archangel Capital Partners, LLC from Dallas, Texas, to develop Timber Springs. Archangel Capital Partners has decades of collective experience in the senior-living industry - including financing, developing, marketing and managing communities. Archangel Capital Partners believes that the quality of one’s life does not have to decline with age. In fact, it can improve. Not only can it improve - but for those who seek it, it can actually become a life of fulfillment, meaning and purpose.

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Who are the future residents of Timber Springs?

Our residents are vibrant, active seniors who are world travelers, avid readers, community volunteers, artists, professors, bridge players and members of your local clubs, organizations and churches.

Our future residents are among a generation that is looking to get more out of their retirement; they want to stop spending so much time sitting around waiting for the plumber to show up or cleaning house, and get out to enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities. Those who have already joined the Timber Springs family are enjoying the peace-of-mind in knowing that they have taken care of "what-ifs" in their life so that they can continue to make every day an enriching and fulfilling experience.

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Is there an age requirement?

You are eligible to become a member if you are age 62 or above by the time of your move to Timber Springs, although a spouse or second occupant may be younger.

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The concept interests me - but I’m not sure I’m ready yet. When should I consider Timber Springs?

Often, people who say they are “not ready yet,” still think of communities like Timber Springs as the stereotypical, “old school” retirement community. The truth is that, Timber Springs is a very different concept — providing not only the unique security and assurances of life long healthcare — but also the maintenance-free lifestyle that enables you to do what you want to do . . . not what you have to do. You will find that members of an adult residence community fit a whole variety of profiles; but as a rule, they are forward-thinking, positive adults who intentionally choose this path because it best suits the quality of life they are seeking. For some that means continuing to work; for others, it means volunteering in the community, traveling, or pursuing a lifelong passion. Adult residence community members share a commitment to staying healthy and fit . . . seeking out intellectual stimulation . . . and living life on their own terms. The Learning Lasts a Lifetime enables that lifestyle.

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Is the cost to live at Timber Springs really about the same as my current costs?

Many people find it actually costs less, and you get so much more – an amenity-rich, full-service lifestyle and neighbors who share your interests. 

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Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome. You will be required to sign a Pet Policy, pay a Pet Deposit and abide by the guidelines.

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What is the benefit of signing up early?

There are several advantages of getting in on the “ground floor.” Pre-construction prices for Timber Springs will be the lowest they will ever be - so the financial savings are significant to sign up early. Second, you will get first choice of floor plans and preferred locations. In addition, as a charter member, you will have an important voice in shaping the community that will become your future home. To take advantage of these benefits, see “I’m interested! What is the next step?” below.

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I’m interested! What is the next step?

Timber Springs is now taking Reservations. If you are interested in joining our exciting new Life Long Learning focused Retirement Community, please call our marketing office toll-free 1.800.940.0411 to request an information packet.

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More information coming soon. Please contact our marketing office for the most up-to-date information.

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